How to Get Free Moving Boxes

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Moving can be expensive, but with a little planning and resourcefulness, you can make your move easier and save some money along the way.

While boxes aren’t terribly expensive, they can definitely add up if you have a lot of belongings. Plus, it makes moving a lot easier if you’re able to fit all of your stuff into boxes and label them accordingly.

Everybody moves, and oftentimes moving boxes end up sitting in our garages for years. That is of course, until we need them, in which case we gave them all away during our last spring cleaning.

That’s just the way it goes sometimes. But fret no more, we’re giving you a bunch of ways you can get some free moving boxes!

Keep in mind that you want to try your best to get quality sturdy boxes so you don’t have issues with them ripping open and causing damage to your things. In which case, getting free boxes probably wasn’t worth it.


If you haven’t used OfferUp, you’re in for a treat! Just download the phone app and do a quick search for free moving boxes and you should have plenty of options to choose from. You’ll need to act fast though! While there is a lot of free stuff on OfferUp, it tends to move fast due to its popularity and active community.


There are actually numerous options on Facebook including the Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Groups. Additionally, you can always post on your own Facebook timeline and let your friends know that you’re looking for some moving boxes.


This is a great place to find free moving boxes close to where you live. People are generally pretty active and responsive on this platform.


While OfferUp is probably a better option, Craigslist will definitely have some good options. So just in case OfferUp isn’t popular wherever you live, give Craigslist a shot.

Grocery Stores

While not all grocery stores are going to have boxes to giveaway, your odds go up significantly if you hit up multiple grocery stores around you. You may want to try calling them first to save yourself some time. Going this route prevents you from having to deal with strangers on the internet and could be a faster option if with a little bit of luck.

While this is definitely not an extensive list of places that you can get free moving boxes, it should be more than enough to get you all of the boxes you need.

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